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West Virginia Board of Education

          The West Virginia Board of Education is established in the West Virginia Constitution. The Board is vested with
          general supervision of the state's elementary and secondary schools.

          Its 12 members include nine citizens appointed by the governor and three non-voting ex-officio members -- the
          state superintendent of schools, the chancellor of the West Virginia Higher Education Policy Commission,
          and the chancellor of Community and Technical College Education. The state superintendent is a constitutional
          officer who serves at the will and pleasure of the board. Board members serve overlapping terms of nine years.
          No more than five citizen members may belong to the same political party.

          The board meets monthly to determine the educational policies of the elementary and secondary schools and to
          establish the rules that carry into effect state law regarding education. The state Board of Education also has
          general control, supervision and management of the business and educational affairs of the West Virginia Schools
          for the Deaf and the Blind.

          Please meet the members of the West Virginia Board of Education:

Mr. Thomas W. Campbell, President
Mr. Harold L. Hatfield, Vice President

Mr. F. Scott Rotruck, Member
Dr. James S. Wilson, Member
Mr. Miller L. Hall, Member
Ms. Barbara S. Whitecotton, Member
Mr. David G. Perry , Member


Dr. Michael J. Martirano
State Superintendent of Schools

Dr. Paul L. Hill

Chancellor, West Virginia Higher
Education Policy Commission

Dr. Sarah Armstrong Tucker
Interim Chancellor, West Virginia Council for
Community and Technical College Education