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About Us

   The Office of Education Performance Audits (OEPA) is one agency through which the West Virginia Board of Education    WVBE) fulfills its responsibility to generally supervise West Virginia public schools and school systems. The monitoring    processes and procedures are carried out through annual, cyclical, and special circumstance reviews. The OEPA is headed      by a director, Susan O’Brien, appointed by the WVBE. Dr. Kenna Seal and Dr. Gus Penix previously served in this capacity.

   Under the direct supervision of the WVBE, OEPA reports directly to the WVBE in carrying out its duties. Although    additional duties may be assigned by the WVBE by statute, W. Va. Code § 18-2E-5 identifies the following duties assigned    to OEPA:

  •  Assure that all statewide assessments of student performance used as annual performance measures are secure as required in Code and policy;

  •  Administers all accountability measures as assigned by the WVBE, including, but not limited to processes for the accreditation of schools, the approval of school systems, and recommendations to the WVBE;

  • Determines or identifies, in conjunction, with the assessment and accountability processes:
       a) what capacity may be needed by schools and school systems to meet the standards established by the WVBE and                      recommend to the WVBE plans to establish those needed capacities;
       b) whether statewide system deficiencies exist in the capacity of schools and school systems to meet the standards                         recommend to the WVBE plans to established by the WVBE, including the identification of trends and the need for                  continuing improvements in education, and report those deficiencies and trends to the WVBE;
       c) staff development needs of schools and school systems to meet the standards established by the WVBE and make                    recommendations to the WVBE, other applicable agencies, and the county boards of education;
       d) school and school system best practices that improve student, school, and school system performance and make                       recommendations to the WVBE for recognition and rewards to promote the use of best practices; and
  •  Develop reporting formats which are used by the appropriate administrative personnel in schools and school systems
     to document compliance with various applicable laws, policies and process standards as considered appropriate and  approved by the WVBE.